CROSSLEY - Men's T-Shirt - Man Dip Dye Crew Neck - Blue

CROSSLEY - Ladies Cashmere Knit - Ladies Turtle Neck - Light Grey

Luca Gorini, founder of Crossley, already spent his free time during schooling in Florence, increasing his pocket money by trading of materials from the nearby Prato. Later he traded with American vintage clothing as Levis Jeans and Ray Ban sunglasses, which he bought from the soldiers of the US Army camps in Livorno. So it was only a matter of time, until Luca Gorini should establish its own brand Crossley. Crossley combines the long-term experience and quality obsession of its founder with the innovation and originality of a young Italian design team. The result is a thoughtful collection of precious and natural yarns like cotton and pure cashmere. Crossley's design reflects a timeless simplicity, each product has the claim to be unique, comfortable and at the same time luxurious.

Product features:

  • Luxurious roll-neck sweater made of 100% cashmere by Crossley
  • The subtle design captivates with the perfectly arranged Oversize cut
  • Wide shoulders and tight sleeves
  • High, finely ribbed collar
  • Comes in a light gray
  • Fit:
  • Wide, loose cut
  • The sweater is designed to fit the size, but can be worn a number smaller if necessary.
  • Material:
  • 100% cashmere
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • 100% Crossley


instead 299,00 EUR
only 199,00 EUR


CROSSLEY - Men's T-Shirt - Man Dip Dye Crew Neck - Blue