SHOTO STERLING - Sterling Bracelet - Verst. Dinosaurierknochen,

SHOTO STERLING - Sterling Bracelet - Verst. Dinosaurierknochen, Lava, Onyx Matt

According to the centuries-old culture of the Zuni and Navajo Indians, all silver parts are traditionally manufactured handicraft in southwest U.S.A.. Each silver part of Shoto Sterling Bracelets is processed individually and by hand. So each part is individually and uniquely. In some designs Shoto Sterling even uses beads of prehistoric mammoth ivory, which is at least 4,500 years old and processed by the Inuit living in Alaska. The design, composition and production of all Shoto Sterling jewelry parts is carried out in passionate handicraft in Germany.

Product features:

  • Luxurious bracelet by Shoto Sterling
  • Flexible ribbon for comfort and a good fit
  • Small Parts 925 Silver
  • A brownish pearl of the fossilized, mineralized dinosaur bone with unique grain
  • These are rare fossils, which are 150 million years old and are promoted on the Colorado Plateau in the southwest of the USA
  • Various pearls of black lava rock with coarse grain
  • Two smooth, matte black onyx beads
  • Comes in a small bag
  • Diameter pearl: 1 cm
  • 100% Shoto Sterling

Size M - 5cm diameter / 17.5cm perimeter inside

Size L - approx. 5.5cm diameter / 18.5cm perimeter inside

Size XL - approx. 6cm diameter / 19.5cm perimeter inside


179,00 EUR