DU4 - Men's Shirt - Colore 2 SF SP - White

DU4 - Men's Shirt - Colore 2 SF SP - White

Lets be honest, shirts for men abound. So why found a company in such a competitive environment? The answer is quite easy! Because one can do it better than the rest.  

DU4 was founded in 2009 by two brothers, David and Emanuel Dufour in Moenchengladbach and has since then made a name in the industry. The high quality materials for DU4 shirts come from Italy, the contemporary design from Germany and the details from a long forgotten time. "Be dressed but relax to the max."

Product features:

  • Classic men's shirt by DU4
  • Solid, white fabric - the fabrics come from the best Italian weavers
  • Each buttonhole is sewn with a different colored yarn - changing colors were used for each button
  • Embossed mother-of-pearl buttons
  • Shark collar with bones
  • Fit:
  • Slim Fit - Excellent fit with longer sleeves
  • Slightly fitted
  • Material:
  • Classic cotton with soft grip - All fabrics are from Italy
  • 100% cotton
  • 100% DU4


instead 129,00 EUR
only 89,00 EUR


DU4 - Men's Shirt - Colore 2 SF SP - White

DU4 - Men's Shirt - Colore 2 SF SP - White