RAMDOM Imperfections are symptom of Life

The history of Novemb3r starts in autumn 2009 as a joint project between Rino Stilli and Paolo Capezzuoli. Meanwhile Novemb3r is indeed still a secret, but nevertheless very much appreciated by the major retailers of fashion industry around the world.

Inspiriration for Rino Stilli and his design team are ancient and partly romantic shapes and figures, which have then to be set in a modern, contemporary context. This is done using only hand-picked Italian fabrics, which are then given into delicate washing techniques for the unique look and a soft feel.

Novemb3r manufactures all its products in its own factory in Padua - 100% Made In Italy. Here unique jeans, jackets, vests and chinos with a very own handwriting arise from innovative processing techniques, original material combinations and high quality materials

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