The discovery of slowness!

“Bleu de chauffe " refers to the historic blue work uniforms of the French factory workers and engineers of the late 19th Century. Inspired by the industrial reality of that time "Bleu de chauffe" awakens the classic bags of the French workers in a contemporary and urban style.

The design of the bags is simple, clean, practical and stylish as it has been ever since. No zippers or snaps, the bags are closed with traditional belts which speeds down and excite at the same time. The entire production process is situated in France and is just as sustainable as the materials used. The natural tanning process of leather is achieved solely by the use of herbal ingredients and the water used in production is cleaned and recycled environmentally friendly.

"Bleu de chauffe" - a love letter to the honest and strong products of a past era - or the discovery of slowness.

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